Friday, November 30, 2012

When I Was Ill

I was feeling ill

Solution was the pill
If only it could make me recover
In a spilt, like the Creator

The adhan was heard calling
The water for wudhu' was cool freezing
Wiz His name I began my prayer
To HIM i submit and surrender

To the bed i jumped again
Nothing else to bargain
Covering myself wiz blankets
I was asleep as though in casket

Dreams brought me far
To an island offshore
I saw a bird flying
I thought of many things

I tried to catch the bird
Till i fall down like dirt
And i could not get up
There was no one to help out

I cry a lot but there wasn't any tear
I was left all alone in my own fear
I was awake from the loud sound "vroom"
Alhamdulillah i was safe in my room

A sparrow flew on to my window sill
Making sound behind the grill
It was the same bird as in my dream
But only real this time it seem

I get up and walk towards the window
And the bird was quiet for a minute over
I saw a man starting his bike noisily
Disturbing the bird especially

And now I notice why didn't the bird fly
Just like when i'm ill, i could only lie
It's wing was injured badly
Perhaps by someone or accidentally

SubhanAllah I was thinking
How much ni'mat He has been giving
To ponder upon HIS creatings
Animals wiz four legs, others wiz wings.

I thought how wonderful Allah is
Everything around me is really His
I realise how much lucky i am
I'm still able to move around

Thank ya Allah for all that Ya give
The illness Ya bestow is indeed a gift
Every illness comes wiz His forgiveness
May He grants us mercy and easness


Friday, November 23, 2012

Lessons of Muharram

Since the Hajj, our slates are clear,
Muharram is the first month of the year.

In this month, Bani Israel got freedom from Firawn’s wrath,
Hazrat Hasan and Husain were martyred in Allah’s path.

Firawn was a very tyrant king indeed,
And he exceeded the limits in his deeds;

Allâh taught us a lesson through Firawn,
Those who defy Allâh’s message will drown.

Martyrs have a blissful life in paradise,
They escaped the prison of this life, which is nice.

Allâh teaches us through their shahadat
We all have to wish for this best of ibadat.

We must change our lifestyle and have Allah’s fear,
To truly deserve a happy and pious new year!

If our Imaan is strong,
Allah will help us all along.

Obaid Ahmed
8 years, East Haven, CT

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Real Orphan

The real orphan is unruly
yet he thinks he acts coolly
He loves to rant and rave;
is it attention he craves?

Who has produced one so errant?
surely it is the hopeless parent!
The father too busy in the shop
the mother buying another shapely top!

The parents cares for him not
letting him to lie and rot
If one has to about him complain
the parents says; 'surely my angel isn't to blame!'

To the parents I say; 'if you leave the nanny to bring up your child,'
'do you expect him to behave other than wild?'

Monday, November 12, 2012

An Ode to Facebook

It all started with an invite.
A crime in broad daylight,
For it was sent to friends infinite.
Yet, meant to excite.

To see my friend’s photos,
My secrets I did disclose.
After creating an account,
Facebook, I did mount.

They bribed me with a Profile
Like a Kingfisher seat in the aisle.

Soon enough, I got poked,
And my emotions got evoked.
I proposed, but she got provoked,
For no fault of mine, I got smoked!

Few strangers sent friend requests,
I ignored the chests & accepted breasts,

Damn! This Facebook suggests,
Strangers I wouldn’t invite as guests.

I got a dashboard too,
And the voyeurist in me grew.
Now I could see girlfriends, wives,
Drives, contrives, thrives and archives.

Now I could see links, pages, ages,
And onstage, offstage rampages.

Status updates, Comments & Likes,
All controlled my mood spikes.

With Newsfeeds served to me hot,
I had hit a jackpot.

Facebook as an idea, I had bought,
Rest of my life, I forgot.

- Jammy

Friday, November 09, 2012


May Our Deeds Attract Allah’s Love,

Noor & Barakah

So That Our Lives May Be Filled With

Peace, Happiness & Freedom

From Any Calamity.

Jumuah Mubarak

Friday, November 02, 2012

HIjab for Allah

I wear my hijab/niqab for ALLAH,

Not for my father
Not for my brother
Not for any other

I cover myself for ALLAH,
No one makes me
No one forsakes me
No one rejects me
No one subjects me

My modesty is for ALLAH,
Commanded in Qu'ran
For Him and no one else
Seeking His reward
Moving closer toward ALLAH

Author Unknown