Friday, March 30, 2012

Mercy to All Creation

When the day was lost,
When all else was tossed;
You opened your heart, your hands, your voice,
And for my sake compromise was no choice.

I hold on to your mantle, a grateful gravitation,
For I know till this world's end, your dhikr will be for my salvation.
A mere morsel in a world so vast,
Yet your mercy extends to the last.

A gift from Our Creator you were from the start,
Helping us all to play our part
In this universe with which He us did entrust
So that we may learn to love, believe and be just.

With you as our guide, our nafs we must deny,
For the unveiling will be worth more than Heaven can provide.
Now with this knowledge a responsibility I cannot ignore
For you have taken me to my Ruh's shore.

To continue this journey a witness I must become
In thought, deed and word, I must succumb.
Yet even as I strive your mercy will mean,
I will be guided and helped for you are Rahmatallil ala meen.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Slave of Wealth

The passionate slave of wealth
ignores his ailing health
Morning and night he toils
trying to Allah's law foil

At night, even till twelve
will he in riba delve
not realising his riba will cause him to bake and broil
and his wealth round him like a serpent will coil

Unmindful of his salaat
never will he with his time part
When the pious at his door knock
he pretends he's a deaf block

Come the time of death, will he realise
the Deen, he should not trivialise

Thursday, March 01, 2012

A Smile

A smile is sadaqa,
The Prophet said so.

A smile is sadaqa,
so give to everyone you know.

A smile is sadaqa,
so take one wherever you go.

A smile is sadaqa,
so smile.... you'll be glad you did so!
by Aisha (age 11)