Sunday, March 23, 2008

I love your Veil

What’s all this tale about the veil?
Fred and Gail shout and hail

Straw as hero
For his hail of fire
on Aïsha’s attire.

Did Straw want Aïsha to show
Herself from head to toe?

Let Gail wear a mini-skirt
For her flirt.

And let Aïsha wear
on her face, Or on her hair

Whatever piece
That would bring her peace

Vis-à-vis God and vis-à-vis Man.
Oh, man!
Why d’you wish her to disclose
Her beautiful eyes and nice nose

Or her lips or her hips
If that belongs to her?
Come on, Sir!

That body you want her to show
Is a diamond dearer than the glow
Of the face of Marilyn Monroe!

Author Unknown, sent by Nasamat