Monday, March 24, 2014

The Dunya

 And nobody said it was going to be easy,
 Who said it won't make you cry?
 Did somebody tell you that you wouldn't trip, slip or fall?
 Tell me, who made you think it isn't hard?

 That your heart wouldn't be broken?

 Who told you it was going to be easy..?,
 That you weren't going to make mistakes?
 That you wouldn't fail?
 Why do you keep saying you don't need me?
 And I don't need you?

 Who told you, you have to be alone?
 That this burden, you have to carry on your own?
 Test after test?
 Trial after trial?
 No sign of the end?
 Is that what you’re waiting for?

 Who said you wouldn't grow old?
 That your health would always hold?
 What made you think that he was yours?
 And not a gift from Him?
 What made you think you were perfect?

 Well, who told you there couldn't be change?
 Why do you keep remembering your old ways?
 Didn't He show you the road to take?
 And reminded you about him who wants you to go astray?
 But He gave you tauba? An open way?
 Why don't you take it?

 Who told you it was going to be easy?
 Give me their name!
 Our worlds are so different.
 But yet we are the same.
 Didn’t they tell you, you're just a traveller?
 That you have to cross this bridge?
 That the other side is nothing like this my friend?
 It is eternal bliss.

 Didn’t they tell you about the drink that you'll sip? (inshaAllah)
 By the Prophet's (s) hands?
 That you'll be united with your loved ones, as happy as can be?
 That you can invite them to your tea party?
 Didn't they remind you, His Mercy overcomes His Wrath?
 That no one is more Generous than He?

 Didn't they describe to you the Gardens so green?
 Where you'll sit and rest so peacefully?
 Did they not tell you to think big and just try your best?
 To keep going even when things seems dark?
 Did they not guide you to make your intentions sincere?
 To be genuine and honest, and to trust in He.

 Did they not tell you, anything is possible?
 Dreams can come true?
 What you seek is what you will find?
 So think positively.
 Think good of He.

 Nobody said it’s going to be easy.
 But be patient my friend.
 Don’t look down, look ahead.
 And be for He...


Tuesday, March 04, 2014

O Allah

O Allah, due to my tongue being dry
Grant me the ability to lift my hands & cry