Monday, March 18, 2013

Modest Muslimah

The non-Muslims look and stare
At the Muslimah completely covered
Going about her business
Not with looks of admiration
But one of revulsion

They are connoisseurs
When it comes to women
Always looking and commenting
Rating and discarding
That’s probably why they’re still searching for the ideal one

Women covered and protected
Always agitate and offend
Even in winter
They feel cheated
From being unable to look and explore

Most women don’t care
About the lewd stares
Water off a ducks back
Panic when they are ignored
And see attention as a compliment
And most dress accordingly

Brainwashed from birth
Pop stars and other celebrities
Teach them how to dress
To impress and get lots of stares
And wolf whistles
As they walk down the street

Porn culture has now entered the mainstream
Just look at any high street on Friday night
So anyone covered is out of the ordinary
“How can any parent allow their daughters to go out dressed like this?”
Say many non-Muslims
No wonder Muslim women are seen as extra ordinary

Some Muslim women are also victims
Hijab with tight clothing
Plucked eyebrows and make up
The head is covered mostly
But shame about everything else

They also get stares and comments
Nothing complimentary
Ho-jabi and other such words
To describe their dress and behaviour

Guys thinking
Someone to practice on
Until we marry someone decent
Who’s properly covered and pious
This is the sad indictment
Of following Islam mixed with western porn culture
And being viewed and treated like a ……..

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